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Named Insured

The person or persons designated as the insured in an insurance policy.

Named Perils Insurance

An insurance policy which covers only defined perils or causes of loss. This is the opposite of an All-Risk policy which covers all perils except those specifically excluded.

No-Fault Insurance

A government regulated type of automobile insurance in which each party's own insurance pays for their damage and injury regardless of who is at fault.

Non-Owned and Hired Car Coverage

Non-owned and hired car coverage is for policies written with limits of liability of $1 million or more. It provides coverage for rental or borrowed autos as long as the insured does not own any private passenger vehicles, pick-up, panel truck or van and the use does not exceed 30 days.

Nonadmitted Carrier

An insurer not licensed to write insurance in a specific state.


When an insurance company decides it will not provide you insurance anymore.

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